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Vintage 1940’s Trail Aventurine and

Red Glass Beads


Strung on nylon-coated steel jewellery wire, these 1940’s aventurine and red trail glass beads are rare, exciting and unusual.  


Each bead has been made by swirling copper aventurine and bright red glass trails over the taupe background glass beads.  Aventurine is a liquid glass containing copper, or gold metal fragments, which is trailed over, or through the bead and become suspended in, or on the surface of the bead, once the glass has cooled and hardened.  These are traditionally Italian by manufacture, although trail glass was also popular in Czechoslovakia and each bead is made individually, so they are all unique.  


The trail glass beads measure 12mm each and are separated by pressed, moulded taupe glass ridged beads of the same era and smaller bright red glass spacer beads.  The necklace measures 46cms (18 inches) long, and contains 11 copper aventurine and red trailed glass beads.


The clasp is the original brass bolt ring; the trigger pulls back to catch, or release, the ring.  The necklace is now re-wired and secure and in excellent condition; there is no damage to the beads.  

The necklace is sold with a matching pair of glass bead drop earrings, on gold-plated hook-backs, for pierced ears.

To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £38

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