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Pink Freshwater Biwa Pearls


Fully knotted on silk, this is a set of pink biwa, cultured freshwater pearls.  


They have a gold overtone and very good lustre (the surface shine).  These freshwater pearls are the flat oblong shape because they originate from pearls produced in Lake Biwa in Japan, where they nucleated such pearls using slivers of bamboo (biwa means bamboo).  


Many biwa pearls now come from China, using the same production technique.   


This necklace is a string of peach pink biwa pearls measuring approximately 10-15mms long.  The necklace length is 51cms (20 inches) and has 60 pearls.  


The silver gilt lobster trigger clasp has a 2-inch extension chain, to lengthen the necklace, if required.  The gold plating over the silver is rose gold, giving it a warm pinkish shine.  It is very secure.


To buy this Necklace for £150

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