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Stunning Pale Peach Freshwater Keshi Pearls


Fully knotted on silk, this is a set of pale peach cultured, freshwater Keshi pearls.  

They have a gold overtone and excellent lustre (the surface shine).   These freshwater pearls originate from China, or Japan.  Keshi is a Japanese word also meaning "poppy"; it is used in Japanese for all pearls that grow without a nucleus.  


Originally, Keshi pearls referred to those pearls formed when a bead nucleus was rejected.  Most freshwater Keshi pearls are now Chinese in production.  They are non-nucleated pearls, so they are pure nacre and natural shapes, which makes them unusual and very lustrous.  


This necklace is a string of pale peach Keshi pearls with an extraordinary gold surface lustre, each measuring approximately 10-12mm long.  The necklace length is 53cms (21 inches) and can extend a further 2cms on the double loop toggle.  There are 63 Keshi pearls.  


The double loop toggle clasp is silver gilt.  To open, push the bar sideways through the loop and reverse to close; use one loop or two depending on the length required. 


To buy this Necklace for £150

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