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Vintage Restored

In a world where recycling matters more than ever before, re-using and re-modelling vintage beads makes sense for the planet and fits perfectly into modern design.  I have collected old beads for many years and my studio is be-decked like a palace, with gemstones and treasures from the past, ready to be chosen and worn again.


Vintage jewellery has been popular for a long time now.  Happily it looks back to past periods of nostalgia and elegance, discovering homemade and hand crafted items, so often unique and therefore highly prized!  Sometimes you just can’t improve on the originals, but you can restore them with love and authenticity, to make them safer to wear, cleaner and therefore more attractive!


I love to restore and always strive to recreate the effect that was originally sought by the original designer. Simply enjoy my journey through this collection of old treasures ....

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