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Pearls Plus

I try to use pearls as often as I can in my designs and when I am busy sorting through lovely, old vintage beads, it is sometimes obvious that there are pearls that will complement them really well.  Also, old beads tend to be on shorter strings.  I think we have all got somewhat larger since the post war years and the fashion these days is for slightly longer strings, so old beads do sometimes need to be extended and with what better to extend them, than pearls!


So this collection is all about the mixture of beads and pearls and the complementary colours and textures.  I still string on silk when I knot the necklaces, but often with old beads, especially any made of metals or which have metal bead caps, I do use nylon-coated jewellery wire for better security.


As always, I can make alterations for you, if there are any minor changes you might need on any of this collection. But I hope you enjoy the fun I have had inventing and re-inventing some lovely items to wear!

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