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Pink & White Vintage Rose Beads with

White Oval Freshwater Pearls


Newly re-wired and re-designed 1960s plastic rose bead bower-choker, now punctuated with real white freshwater pearls.

Wired on aculon coated steel jewellery wire, this is a traditional floral rose choker with vintage pink and white rose beads and green leaves.  


Re-strung and re-modelled to include individually wired, white oval 8-10mm freshwater pearls and tiny alternating button pearls with white rose beads on the necklace string.  The necklace length is 48cms (19 inches) long.  


The clasp is the original white metal lobster claw clasp, and the set is completed with a pair of drop earrings in matching beads and pearls, on silver ball posts with butterfly backs.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £98

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