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Summer Bronze

A surprising mixture of metallic bronze strength and the delicacy of a butter fly!  


This buckle from the Art Nouveau period is French and made of bronze, or bronze-finished brass inset with cats-eye pink cabochon beads, which have a reflective line of light that gives a satin finish.  Moulded with typical flowing Art Nouveau lines, it is weighty but not heavy, in design.   


A unique statement piece, which has a single string of fully knotted (on silk) bronze dyed pearls and pink glass beads of the pre-World War 1 period.  You will see the bronze pearls in groups of three; the central pearl being an 8mm oval freshwater pearl, flanked by round striated bronze dyed 10mm freshwater  pearls.  Both types of pearl originate from Chinese freshwater mussels.  


The string measures 64cms (25 inches).  The buckle measures 12cms (just under 5 inches) long, and 5.5cms (just over 2 inches) at its widest point.

The necklace is sold with a pair of gold-plated hook back drop earrings made from matching pearls, and pink glass beads.

To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £98

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