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Apricot Oval Freshwater Pearls

and Bi-Colour Vintage Glass Beads


Fully knotted on silk, this is a re-designed set of high lustre apricot oval freshwater pearls alternating with some exceptional vintage bi-coloured glass beads, in various shapes including ruffle glass, in a soft coffee and pale green mixture.  

The pearls have a gold overtone and a particularly good lustre (the surface shine). These pearls originate from China and come from large freshwater mussels.  


The pearls measure 7mm and the beads graduate from 4-18mms.  The necklace length is 52cms (20.5 inches).  


The filigree oval flat pearl clasp is 925 silver gilt.  It opens by squeezing the edges of the flat hook, to remove it from, or push it into, the filigree oval clasp.  This is a traditional pearl necklace clasp and is very secure.

The necklace is sold with a matching pair of bead and pearl drop earrings, on gold-plated hook-backs, for pierced ears.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £85

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