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Vintage 1930’s Swirl Millefiori Glass Spatter Beads


Strung on nylon-coated steel jewellery wire, these 1930’s glass spatter beads are a pale cream colour and high quality.


There are pink and white inset swirl roses in the larger beads on both sides, created by the millefiori method of including molten candy cane glass into the liquid green background bead (from the Italian ‘mille’ meaning thousand and ‘fiori’ meaning flowers).  There are also spatters of red, white, green and turquoise glass dropped onto the beads, which blurs as it cools, leaving a spattered pattern on the surface of each bead.   


These are traditionally Italian by manufacture and each bead is made individually, so they are all unique.  In this necklace the background colour of the beads is a cream, the larger ‘rose’ beads measure from 15-18mm each and the smaller spatter beads graduate from 5mm to 10mm.  The beads are separated by small pink and green 3mm glass spacer beads.  


The necklace measures 52cms (20.5 inches) long and contains 3 rose beads and 54 graduating spatter glass beads.


The clasp is a silver bolt ring. The necklace is secure and in excellent condition.  There is no damage to the beads; all occlusions and swirls are part of the original glass-blowing technique, during their manufacture.  A stunning example of handmade vintage Italian glass beads.

The necklace is sold with a matching pair of glass bead drop earrings, on silver-plated hook-backs, for pierced ears.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £60

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