Buckle Necklaces

The periods of the Art Nouveau and the Art Deco were eras of design, colour and elegance.  Flowing natural lines morphed into architectural and symbolic style; fashion was sharp and stylish and accessories were essential!


I fell in love with buckles from these periods but I no longer have that slender waistline any more that they cry out for – so my conversion of buckles to necklace clasps was not a difficult sideways step and it has proved very popular!


I re-use vintage beads from the same periods and colour combinations (modern beads just don’t seem to look right!) and mix them with freshwater pearls for a touch of elegance and shine…. mostly hand-knotted on silk, to allow for flow and the elegant drape, which conforms to their original eras.


Every buckle necklace is unique – I never make two the same and wouldn’t, even if I could find duplicate original components.  Each necklace has been named to distinguish them and they are all sold with complementary drop earrings and a card to explain their inspiration and origins.