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Viennese Waltz

A pretty light reflecting array of spring pastel shades on a golden lacy buckle… Freesia enamel flowers add a touch of colour to this distinctly dancing design.


This lovely goldtone lacy enamelled buckle dates from the 1940s.  It is difficult to pin down the exact date because its provenance is unknown, but it is a design that reflects the Max Neiger intricacies of the ormolu brass pieces of the period.  


Made of filigree brass, with enamelled pastel floral designs, it is beautifully and delicately crafted and deserves a gentle touch!

This elegant necklace has three strings of delicate rose pink round quartz beads with banded agate cylinder beads and smaller round dyed blue agate spacers.  There are also occasional blown gold glass lantern beads and galvanised gold glass Miyuki spacers to add the golden sparkle that is reflected in the delicate brass work of the buckle itself.  


The strings graduate in length from the shortest at 60cms (23.5 inches) to the longest at 76cms (30 inches).   


The buckle measures 9cms (3.5 inches) long, and 5cms (2 inches) at its widest point.

The necklace is sold with a matching double string 20cm bracelet with silver gilt lobster clasp and extension chain and a pair of gold-plated drop earrings made from matching beads.


To buy this Necklace, Bracelet and

Earrings Set for £198

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