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There is so much choice regarding earrings, so to help make ordering easy, these are the possible 9 things I will ask you, before I email you any photos!

1.Do you have pierced ears?

2.Do you want studs or drops?

3.If drops, do you want hook backs; or ball, post and butterfly backs?

4.If you have chosen drops, do you want any stones or beads incorporated to add colour?

5.What metal backs do you want? (9ct gold, silver, silver gilt, silver- or gold-plated – all will affect the price)

6.What colour pearls (use an example from the web photos with pad number and placement details, or describe the colour yourself) e.g. white, cream, peach pink, lilac pink, rose pink, silver grey, dark grey, black etc…

7.What shape pearl? e.g. full round, button or flat backed, coin, teardrop, oval, hearts, diamonds, baroque (that means ‘not round’ or bobbly shaped!) etc.. Look at the photos on the site to help you decide!

8.What size pearls – this may be affected by the final design, but generally we measure pearls in millimetres across the pearl’s diameter. If they are ovals, we measure the diameter and the length, in millimetres.

9.If they are to match an existing necklace, you will need to send me good photos of the necklace!


If you haven’t a clue – just email and ask my advice!  I will let you know what is possible and guide you to a final decision!


This photo shows one of several styles of gauge to measure the size of pearls, or beads.  The measurement for a pearl, or bead is taken as the diameter (directly across from hole to hole).  If you do not have access to such a gauge, you can ask your local jewellery shop to measure them for you, or use a tape measure (in millimetres) and lie the pearl, or bead next to the tape, parallel with where the hole runs through it and read off the measurement yourself.

Please note that the photos of the earrings are fairly accurate but indicative and may vary, if stocks change. Frances can email a photo for the avoidance of any doubts.

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