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Just Pearls

The beauty, simplicity and elegance of real pearls cannot be copied; faux pearls or simulated pearls though popular, really cannot be compared with the real thing!  


Pearls are nature’s living gemstones.  Created inside the body of a living creature, each pearl is unique and their science is fascinating.


There are so many different kinds of pearls from many different water creatures.  Some live in rivers and lakes, preferring the fresh water to the sea salt; but those which live in saltwater, are responsible for the creation of some of the world’s most rare and expensive gemstones.


The natural colours of pearls complement any skin tone and it is important to choose the best colours to suit.  The surface shine, known as the lustre, is the most important factor and the fewer flaws, the more costly the pearl.  Small, flawless lustrous pearls will cost far more than larger, duller ones!  So choose wisely and ask me for help along the way!

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