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Frances Carlaw may be better known to you as Frances Benton – ‘The Pearl Lady’! 

Having toured the UK for over 10 years since 2009, visiting and giving talks to ladies' groups, WIs and interested Societies, Frances made a name for herself with her extensive knowledge of and passion for, pearls.  Having given talks to over 40,000 people on her travels, she has now retired from travelling but has not retired from pearls and jewellery.

Her work has now expanded from just pearls to new designs, incorporating the treasures from the past.  Using vintage and Art Deco buckles combined with pearls and antique beads to create necklaces and statement pieces that are stunning to wear and show that re-fashioning old items is yet another way to save our precious resources.

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Frances originally went to University to study English Literature and the Dramatic Arts, but followed her heart into teaching and later her head, into business.  Winning the Young Career Woman of the Year award, when she was 30, set her off on many worldwide trips developing her business skills and eventually reaching director level in one of Scotland’s largest and most profitable companies.  

She took a turn towards charitable work and became a head of fundraising for a large children’s charity and later became self-employed, starting several successful small businesses, which were sold on and developed.  


Never too far from her craft hobbies and passion for jewellery and past times, she set up her own jewellery business known as ‘Tears of the Dragon’, which specialised in her favourite pearls.  Having retired from the exhausting touring and presentations, Frances and her husband George retired to Burgundy in France, where they renovated a beautiful farm complex.  


Now back in Scotland, Frances continues to work on her jewellery designs, as well as settling in to her new home in the Forth Valley.

Get in touch by email or on Facebook, where you will find regular posts - not all confined to pearls.

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