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My Passion for Pearls

and More!

In this world of fast reducing resources, we need to be mindful of caring for what we have and

re-fashioning old gems and treasures to suit modern trends.  My jewellery comprises the new and the old, the treasured and the re-possessed.  Items once loved by our past families can be revived and enjoyed with today’s fashions. 

Take a trip back in time to the Victorians, the Art Deco fashionistas and the war time make-do-and-mend crafters, as you see how the old and the new combine to help save our resources. 

Combining the world’s most exotic of gemstones, the pearl, with past time beads and stones, buckles and bows; pearls are timeless and treasures of the past sit perfectly alongside them.

My website is a glimpse through my workshop window!  


If you can’t see exactly what you want, please just email me and ask!

If you have any questions about my website, please just email me and ask!

If you like what you see but prefer a change of length, or a different clasp, I can easily do that for you.

If you have anything that needs to be re-strung, mended or fixed, matched or ordered; please just email me and ask!

If I can’t help you myself, I do have a wide network of contacts.

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Every order I receive is treated individually.  I am just me!  I don’t have ‘worker bees’, or packing machines and all my jewellery is unique and handmade.  So every parcel will weigh a different amount and you may want it sent by a particular service.  Everything is posted from Scotland and I will quote the postage costs, by individual order.  I provide a truly personal service.

So, please just email me and tell me what you want to purchase and I will send you a final price and payment details.  I accept BACS payments to my UK bank account; occasionally I will accept a cheque, although that takes a little longer!

And finally… I am now on Facebook! You can find some useful posts and updates, as well as short 'how to' films. Please do join my list of followers and link my page to any other Facebook contacts you may have. I'm at FrancesThe Pearl Lady,

of course.

Happy Browsing!



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