Lampwork Glass Flower Beads


Hand-knotted on the original soft cotton thread, these 1930s lampwork glass flower beads are a rare find. There are white daisy flowers with yellow centres and trailing leaves on each of the larger ‘racing' green beads.  


Lampwork is when a coloured glass rod is melted over the bead and the liquid glass is trailed in patterns to form a raised surface; in this case white for the petals and yellow for the daisy centres with green leaf trails. This necklace is a fascinating mixture of period beads; in between the larger lampwork green beads there are groups of brass and other metal washers folded into barrel beads making an interesting texture, with toning green and yellow colours making a striped effect.  The smaller plain ‘racing' green beads, towards the back of the necklace, are separated with tiny white glass spacers.  


The daisy beads measure from 10-15mm each and the smaller plain green glass beads graduate from 5mm to 7mm, with the metallic washer groups making ‘barrels’ that measure from 7-12mm.  The central beads at the front are separated by small 2mm white flat glass spacers, ensuring a smooth front curve, when worn.  


The necklace measures 42cms (16.5 inches) long, and contains 5 daisy beads, 8 ‘washer barrels’ and 24 graduating plain green glass beads. The clasp is also the original barrel screw clasp.


This is a rare necklace for its age and contains some interesting beads and effects.


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