Vintage 1940s Murano Aventurine Trail

Sommerso Glass Beads


Still strung on the original knotted thread, these 1940s aventurine trail glass beads are a lovely soft pale sky blue.  


The beads are made from blue swirled glass, trailed with liquid glass containing copper particles, which sparkle, known as aventurine.   Then an outer layer of clear glass is layered over the top in the Sommerso technique.  ‘Sommerso’ glass (sommerso literally means ‘submerged’ in Italian) is where these internal layers of coloured glass appear immersed beneath the clear glass outer layer.  


These are traditionally Italian in manufacture and each bead is made individually by hand, so they are all unique.  Each bead measures around 7mm and is decorated with the original openwork brass bead caps.  The string measures 46cm (18 inches).  


The clasp is also the original brass lobster claw.  The necklace is secure and in excellent condition.  


There is no damage to the beads; all occlusions and swirls are part of the original glass-blowing technique during their manufacture.  A stunning example of handmade vintage Italian glass beads.


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