Vintage 1940’s Glass Puzzle Beads


Fully knotted on black silk, these are 1940’s folded glass beads.


Each puzzle bead has been made from alternating bright red and pale coffee coloured glass.  They are ‘U’ shaped and when strung closely together fit into each other, hence the name puzzle beads.  They are separated with small black glass beads.


These are often European, from France or Czechoslovakia and each bead is made individually, so they are all unique.  


The puzzle beads measure around 8mm and the smaller black beads measure 3mm.  The necklace measures 49cms (just over 19 inches) and contains 38 puzzle beads.


The clasp is the original brass bolt ring. The necklace is secure and in excellent condition.  


There is no visible damage to the beads and is very pretty example of this style necklace.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £42

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