Turquoise Margaritte

This stunning bright turquoise blue glass daisy manages to capture the sunburst Art Deco theme in silver, over the textured blue glass petals.


The buckle is a wonderful example of moulded glass in the Art Deco style and is a very unusual and vibrant colour.  The necklace to which it is strung is a three-strand mixture of period glass beads, banded agate beads and grey pearls. 


The buckle is quite extraordinary and rare.  It’s rare to find perfect period glass buckles, especially if they have metallic surface decoration like this one.

The central string is made from 10mm turquoise swirl gall beads separated by dyed blue agates.  It is flanked by two rows of grey teardrop freshwater pearls with dyed banded agate beads and round spacers.   The strings are knotted on blue silk thread.  The strings graduate in length from the shortest at 74cms (29 inches) to the longest at 92cms (36 inches).  


The buckle measures 6.5cms (2.5 inches) long, and 6cms (just over 2 inches) wide.

The necklace is sold with a pair of silver-plated hook-backed drop earrings made from matching pearls and agate beads, for pierced ears.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £150

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