Singin' The Blues

In shades of royal, marine, navy and sky, this necklace ‘Sings the Blues’ and shouts the sunray design of the Art Deco era!


A pretty, vintage Art Deco brass buckle decorated in many shades of blue enamels in the champlevé and guilloché enamel techniques, which give it a twinkle in any light.


This delicate buckle is French and dates from the late 1930s and is suspended on two fully knotted silk strings of lapis lazuli beads and slate grey freshwater pearls separated by period iridescent glass bugle beads.  The gold veins of the lapis beads shimmer and reflect the golden brass lines of the raised enamel fields. 


The strings measure 75cms (29.5 inches) and 73cms (just under 29 inches).   The buckle measures 5cms (2 inches) long, and 3cms (just over 1 inch) at its widest point.  

The necklace is sold with a pair of silver-plated hook-backed drop earrings made from matching beads, for pierced ears.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £140

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