Roses Are Red

An English Garden would not be complete without red roses – the classic symbol of love and an emblem for warm summers … this lovely feminine red moulded glass, double rose design is a classic look and a classically typical vintage buckle of its era. 


Two delicate moulded red glass roses are the centre piece of this glamourous 1950’s Hollywood buckle.  The pair of glass roses are strung between dyed green freshwater pearls that replicate the leaves, without the thorns of course!  


The buckle is suspended on two rows of red glass faux pearls from the same period, alternating with tiny round pink natural coral beads.    


The strings measure 77cms (just over 30.5 inches) and 81cms (32 inches).  The buckle measures 5.5cms (just over 2 inches) long, and 3cms (just over 1 inch) at its widest point.  


The buckle has been gently squeezed shut, so the necklace doesn’t open when worn and it can be easily put on over the head.  Buckle necklaces are designed for the buckle ‘clasp’ to be worn at the side front.  In this case the necklace will hang best with the smaller side of the buckle at the top.

The necklace is sold with a pair of silver-plated hook-back drop earrings made from matching red glass pearls.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £150

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