Regency Pink

The two popular Art Deco colours of pink and black contrast well in this Regency style enamel Guilloché buckle.  A light and stylish design with an elegance of line and contrasting colours.

An Art Deco contrasting coloured champlevé enamel buckle, in stunning vintage condition with machined etching under the guilloché enamel work is suspended on two strings of apricot teardrop pearls and faceted French jet beads.   


Champlevé enamel is created by raising the edges of flat metal sheet to create a field into which enamel is painted in layers, to build up a pool of colour.  In this buckle the edges of the fields have also been beaded to add a lightness of design.  


The guilloché effect is created by etching, or machine tooling the flat field base of metal, so when the enamel builds, it adds a 3-Dimensional effect shining through the colour.  French jet emulates real jet but is, in fact, cut glass that was first used by French jewellery design houses at the end of the 19th century.  


The necklace hangs on the two matching fully knotted (on silk) strands.  The strings measure 79cms (31 inches) and 82cms (32 inches).  The buckle measures 5.5cms (just over 2 inches) long, and 2.5cms (just over 1 inch) at its widest point.  

The necklace is sold with a pair of gold-plated hook backed drop earrings made from matching beads and pearls, for pierced ears.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £140

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