Vintage Two-Tone Feathered Glass Beads,

White Freshwater Pearls and Red Coral


Fully knotted on silk, this is a set of two tone red and white glass beads with white button freshwater pearls and groups of red bamboo coral strands.  


The pearls are classed as button as they are a round flat shape; they originate from China.  The vintage two-tone red and white glass beads have been made in two halves and heated together to form smooth, oval shaped graduated beads.  The glass has been swirled together in two colours when in the molten state; they date from the 1940’s or possibly earlier.  


The white baroque pearls alternate with the beads and coral strands to add a different shine and texture.  The coral originates in Taiwan, where it is farmed and ecologically sourced.  


This set consists of a necklace, bracelet, and matching drop earrings.  The pearls measure approximately 3mm and the beads graduate from 8mm to 22mm at the centre front.  The necklace measures 79cms (31 inches) long.  


The ring bolt clasp is 925 silver.  It opens by pulling back the trigger, to reveal an opening into which you hook the silver ring, before releasing the trigger.  It is very secure.

The bracelet measures 20cms (8 inches) and has alternating pearls, coral and beads.  It closes with a silver lobster trigger clasp and 6cm (2.5 inch) extension chain.

The set is sold with a pair of drop earrings with matching beads and pearls, on silver-plated hook backs, for pierced ears.


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