Orange Embers

This colourful, elaborate be-jewelled filigree brass buckle dates from the 1950’s.  There is no known provenance, but the panels of matt, hot coloured glass were extremely popular from the late 1950’s into the 70’s.  


The gilded brass itself shows little sign of wear, although the gilding is slightly discoloured in places, commensurate with its age.  The filigree work and detailed etching is well machined and there are 7 glass ‘gems’ securely inserted in the buckle panel.  


The opulent necklace is a double string of mixed orange pressed glass beads, metallic goldtone spacers and tiny cut glass mini beads.  The string  length is 60cms (23.5 inches) with the longer string a little more, to allow the necklace to lie flat when worn, with the buckle to the side.  


The buckle has been gently squeezed shut, so it will not open when worn; the length allows the necklace to be slipped over the head to put it on.  The buckle measures 8cms (just over 3 inches) long, and 3cms (just over 1 inch) at its widest point.

The necklace is sold with a pair of gold-plated drop earrings made from matching orange beads, for pierced ears.


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