Small Peach Pink & White Oval Freshwater Pearls


They have a silver overtone and good lustre (the surface shine).  These petite freshwater pearls originate from China and the soft pink shades are natural; only freshwater creatures can produce the pink range of colours naturally, and rose pink is one of the rarest colours of pearl.  

This necklace is a gentle string of alternating groups of soft peach and white, oval pearls measuring approximately 4-6mms.  The necklace length is 44cms (17.5 inches) and has 99 pearls.  

The filigree oval flat pearl clasp is 925 silver.  

It opens by squeezing the edges of the flat hook, to remove it from, or push it into, the filigree oval clasp.  This is a traditional pearl necklace clasp and is very secure.


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