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Baroque White Coin & Peach Freshwater Pearls 


Fully knotted on silk, this is a set of baroque coin pearls, alternating with peach freshwater pearls.  

They have bright overtones and an excellent lustre (the surface shine).  These unusual freshwater pearls originate from China and the pink shades are natural; only freshwater creatures can produce the pink range of colours naturally, and pink is one of the rarest colours of pearl.  


This necklace is a striking string of white baroque coin pearls, so-called because they are nucleated with flat coin-shaped beads; some coin pearls do not form an exactly round shape, but have flashes of nacre protruding from the pearls, like comet tails, making them interesting baroque shapes.  The baroque peach pearls alternate between them to add colour and interest.  


The coin pearls measure from 10-12mm each and the peach are approximately 10mm.  The necklace length is 53cms (21 inches) and has 39 pearls.  


The etched toggle clasp is marked 925 silver.  To open, push the bar sideways through the loop and reverse to close. 

The necklace is sold with a pair of matching silver-plated hook-backed drop pearl earrings for pierced ears.


To buy this Necklace and Earrings Set for £98

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