Charcoal Grey Baroque Edisons


Named Edison in the West, after the inventor of the lighthouse light, because they are so shiny!  In the East they are known as ‘Starburst’ pearls.   

Baroque means ‘not round’.  They have a petrol blue overtone and good lustre (the surface shine), but there are surface marks and small gaps in the nacre, which are natural to these pearls. The additional surface unevenness and bumps are also quite natural and are part of the pearls’ beauty.  


These freshwater pearls originate from China, where the oysters are nucleated using the same method as South Sea pearls.  The grey shade is natural and these pearls have been surface dip-dyed to keep the charcoal a consistent colour.  


This necklace is a striking colour and rare for Edison pearls, which are usually pink tones.  The pearls measure from 12mms to 18mms.  The necklace length is 44cms (17 inches) and has 25 pearls.  


The carved rose rocker clasp is 925 silver.  It opens by squeezing the silver rose, to reveal an opening into which you push the silver bullet.  Rather like a snapdragon flower! It is very secure.

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